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Exotic Objects is a boutique development company that solves hard problems beautifully.

Our partners have a collective 30 years experience working with technology. We've created websites, apps, infrastructure and even music for great clients like Christie's,
Discovery Channel and MTV.

We leverage the latest tools and methodologies to deliver the best possible product as efficiently as possible. We love working on products that make our clients' lives better by simplifying workflows, automating tedious processes and rethinking outdated methods.

How We Work

Exotic Objects was founded by developers who are experts at their craft. Our projects aren't run by sales people or college interns, but by developers who understand the challenges and nuances of the trade.

We've foregone the typical bloated agency model in favor of a modern, elastic approach to resource allocation built on our partnerships with great developers and companies that we trust.

Our Work
EO helped Christie's bring an outdated process into the 21st century. By creating an iPhone and iPad application for their evaluators, we were able to hugely optimize the process of appraising and cataloging their clients' assets.

The iOS application synchronizes in real-time to a web-based CMS, which synchronizes in real-time to a legacy database system.

You can see a video of the app in action here.
Lytro Camera
The revolutionary lightfield-capturing camera lets you refocus your pictures after you take them. Exotic Objects built Lytro’s main public-facing application - their web and Facebook player, which allows users to refocus and 3d-shift photos in real-time.
Discovery's "Don't Kick The Bucket List"
Discovery Fit & Health's bucket list web app uses compelling animation and design to provide health tips in a fun and engaging way. Users answer questions based on their personal goals and a personalized bucket list is created to share through Facebook and Twitter.
For Israeli company Conceep, we built a highly customizable and secure platform for psychologically assessing job candidates. Candidates are asked to answer YES or NO when presented with 90 different words. The result is a highly detailed personality report based on over 30 years of behavioral and psychological research.
FTI Journal
FTI Consulting commissioned Exotic Objects to re-imagine their FTI Journal. Previously a printed journal, we created a responsive, cross-platform digital solution backed by a powerful CMS.
Boinc Music Service
Boinc launched as one of the first digital music services in South America. Under an intense deadline, Exotic Objects helped resurrect thousands of lines of code written by over 50 developers.

Viacom Media Test Platform
Exotic Objects built an Android-based test platform to ensure that Viacom's core video player maintained top-notch quality and reliability across its dozens of brands and deployments.
Sotheby’s was seeking a way to generate highly designed, interactive catalogs on the fly. At the time, they were creating them all by hand. So we developed a custom system to generate their beautiful catalogs automatically by pulling dynamic data from their legacy CMS and rendering it with a fancy, custom markup rendering system.
FTI Campaign Planner
FTI's campaign planner helps publishers maximize ad revenue by optimizing inventory pricing across the entire range of advertiser budgets. It also manages the ad sales process and provides insights into salesperson performance. With integration into modern CRM tools, the campaign planner becomes an integral part of the publisher's sales process.
Jalapeño is a framework and suite of tools for iOS development. Its layout engine allows for dynamic views and styling using JSON. Its testing framework supports automated UI testing and its database designer takes away the pain of dealing with CoreData. This highly simplifies and expedites development time and maintenance of iOS applications.
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