Lytro Camera
The revolutionary Lytro camera lets you refocus your pictures after you take them. Exotic Objects built Lytro’s main public-facing application - their web and Facebook player, which allows users to refocus and 3d-shift photos in real-time.
We built a comprehensive iPad and iPhone application to help streamline a decades-old workflow. The app syncs in real-time with a custom-built Cloud service. The Cloud then syncs with a legacy system so that existing internal services can continue to operate without modification or knowledge of Christie's new, cutting-edge Cloud syncing platform.
Discovery: Don't Kick The BucketList
Discovery Fit & Health's bucket list web app uses compelling animation and design to provide health tips in a fun and engaging way. User can filter items based on their personal goals and create a unique bucket list to share through Facebook and Twitter.
Boinc Music Service
Boinc launced as one of the first digital music services in South America. Under an intense deadline, Exotic Objects helped resurrect thousands of lines of code written by over 50 developers. We've been working with the great team at Boinc for over 2 years to help maintain their massive music delivery and app backend.
FTI Journal
FTI Consulting commissioned Exotic Objects to re-imagine their FTI Journal. Previously a printed journal, we created a responsive, cross-platform digital solution backed by a powerful CMS.
. . . . .
We offer a broad range of services from server to client and everything in between.
+ React / Redux / ES6 / Node
+ HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript
+ Django / Python / Linux
+ UX / Interactive Design
+ Content Management Systems
+ QA Testing & Process
+ Business Tech Ops
+ Internal Business Ops Tools
+ Mobile Development
+ App Design

Exotic Objects is an interactive company based in New York. We’re creative, product-minded and focused on the long term success and maintenance of our work. We love technology and think it can change the world - but isn't that obvious?

Co-founders Matt Shaw and Jim Kremens have experience with all facets of technology. Their experience ranges from shiny interfaces to brawny databases.

Matt has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years. Previously, he was VP of Development at FluidHtml where he developed cross-platform app solutions. Prior to that, Matt was Lead Developer at MTV Networks for products such as MTV Overdrive, Comedy Central Motherload and their core video player platform. He also spent 5 years with digital agency Abstract Edge creating websites for clients like Marriot, Clairol and Perrier.

Jim has developed applications for various top-tier clients including Viacom, Pfizer, Ortho Pharmaceuticals, Razorfish Healthware, Tanqueray, FTI Consulting, Sotheby's and Christies. An expert in rich media, Jim founded Reelscore, a cross-platform, collaborative video review tool built on QuickTime, wrote several chapters of the book “Flash Media For Professionals, and founded FluidHtml - a TechCrunch 50 finalist. He's currently working on RapBlaster, a social music creation app for iOS and Android devices, and putting the finishing touches on Jalapeño, a new way to create iOS apps.