Ideas & engineering to modernize businesses
As a business outgrows off-the-shelf solutions, it faces increasing competition from rivals that have developed custom software to meet their needs. We work with companies to develop customized solutions for outdated processes.
Christie's PRISM
Financial Modeling Application

In the life cycle of high-end artwork, many deals are struck between the decision to sell and the fall of the hammer.

The success or failure of these deals determines Christie's profit. They had been managing this process via spreadsheets and email. Exotic Objects built PRISM and helped modernize their extremely complex business.

Several years in development, PRISM is revolutionizing the way Christie's works. It models complex financial deals in real-time and gives management a detailed view of the profitability and exposure of the entire firm.

NBC Universal
OTT Streaming Service Advisory

NBCU hired Exotic Objects as consultants to help them plan their new streaming service.

Our experience with online streaming platforms began with the development of MTV Overdrive

In an effort to help create a best of breed solution, we performed comprehensive research on the current state of existing platforms, vendors and technologies in the streaming media space.

Museum of the Dog
Interactive 4K Kiosks & CMS

Exotic Objects, in collaboration with AV&C, developed the interactive kiosks for American Kennel Club's fun-for-the-whole-family Museum of the Dog in NYC.

Applied solutions included: integration with large-scale touchscreen technology, facial recognition, machine learning and AI and a state of the art CMS to connect the various systems.

Building software that's meant to last, we help our clients towards the future.

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11 Hoyt
Tablet Apps & Interactive Kiosks

Exotic Objects, in collaboration with AV & C, developed the interactive kiosks for Tishman Speyer's luxury 11 Hoyt St. tower in Brooklyn, NY

The installation integrates multiple applications running on various iPads and giant wall screens at the sales location.

As prospective clients walk through, selections they made in the first application are reflected in the next.

Equinox Pursuit
Real-time multiplayer gaming

Competition for consumers in the fitness business is fierce. To gain a competitive edge, Equinox set out to gamify the spin class experience by pitting classmates against each other in a fun, interactive environment. Thus Equinox Pursuit was born...

Using Node, React and ThreeJS, Exotic Objects helped Equinox expand and modularize their game platform by building a series of WebGL games that respond to input from users' spin bikes. Speed and intensity affect users' scores and progress in the game, which is projected in front of the class.

Winners and top performers are calculated at the end of the race and results are uploaded to the user's Equinox accounts for tracking history and progress.

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FTI Journal
Digital Publication and CMS

The FTI Journal is a publication of FTI Consulting, NYSE: FCN, the global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value.

Formerly a print publication, the FTI Journal needed a digital solution. A simplified publishing process was as important as a compelling reader experience.

Exotic Objects re-imagined the entire experience as a responsive, cross-platform digital solution backed by a powerful CMS.

The new journal eases the publishing process for the editorial staff and engages users with modern UI and content.

Boinc Music Service
Mobile Music Streaming Service

Music startup Beyond Oblivion promised bundled music for mobile phone devices, but the company folded prior to the product's launch. Under new management, the company sought to bring its brand to life under a new name: Boinc.

After investing heavily in marketing, Boinc was under immense pressure to launch. It engaged Exotic Objects to bring the service back to life. EO was able to do so by resurrecting thousands of lines of code written by over 50 developers over the course of 18 months. The experience was like finding an abandoned amusement park and trying to figure out how to turn all the rides on.

Boinc launched as one of the first digital music services in South America.

Christie's Capture
Mobile Art Appraisal Application

Christie's, the world's leading art auction house was seeking to optimize the process of appraising and cataloging its clients' assets. Since the company was founded in 1766, the manual process had largely remained the same.

Exotic Objects created an iOS application backed by a CMS for art evaluators. Mobile solutions were an important requirement as most art evaluation happens on-site. EO also developed a web-based CMS which synchronizes in real-time to existing Christie's systems, allowing users to appraise and catalog assets quickly and efficiently.

FTI Ad Campaign Planner
CMS, Platform Development and Architecture

Newspapers and media networks have increasingly found that they can't have a ‘rate card' for the advertisements they sell. In the advertising business, the rate card ultimately is meaningless as it pretends to set a fixed price in an environment in which both parties are trying to optimize price and each one has other alternatives.

Built by Exotic Objects, FTI's campaign planner helps publishers maximize ad revenue by optimizing inventory pricing across the entire range of advertiser budgets.

It also manages the ad sales process and provides insights into salesperson performance. With integration into modern CRM tools, the campaign planner has become an integral part of publishers' sales processes.

Our work impacts the bottom line

Exotic Objects is a software development firm founded by partners with seasoned careers in interactive design and application development.

Our team of world-class engineers, designers, data scientists and business analysts have a collective half-century of experience building game-changing solutions for businesses like:

Business and Mobile Apps

Business and Mobile applications are as varied as the businesses that use them. Off-the-shelf solutions often don't capture this variety as effectively as they could.

We strike a balance between bespoke work and open source.

Platform and Data Migration

Migrating an organization to the cutting edge often involves integration of the old and the new. Knowing which platforms to keep and how to best connect them is an art unto itself.

We continuously learn and experiment with the latest technology to map the best ways forward.

Big data

Enterprises face new challenges as they work with ever-expanding data sets.

We develop tools that allow them to leverage that data to make intelligent business decisions.

Product Lifecycles

In a product lifecycle, the time spent transferring information from stakeholders to developers often generates significant expense.

We create tools that empower stakeholders to control key aspects of their products.

Content Management

Many organizations are burdened with legacy Content Management Systems in need of modernization. Others are finally making the leap to implement a CMS. Competing agendas can lead to unnecessary complexity.

Our deep experience in this area can help prevent costly missteps.

Interactive Design

Interactive Design is comprised of six main components: user control, responsiveness, real-time interactions, connectedness, personalization and playfulness. Making the right choices here can greatly improve user experience and ease of use.

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